Company Info

Background Background
UTS was born as a subchapter S corporation to provide custom engineered communication systems.  We are a diverse company with an experienced and passionate staff offering a variety of AV services.

Affiliations/Memberships Affiliations
UTS and its employees are a proud member of many industry associations.  Through our affiliation and membership, UTS increases its knowledge and capability for the mere purpose of serving you better.

Project Profiles Project Profiles
At UTS, we are dedicated to providing intuitive, large or small scaled solutions to our clients.  And nothing would gratify us more than to have your project become another UTS success story.

Contact Us Contact Us
Please contact us with any questions you may have.  We make every effort to respond to all inquiries immediately.  Feel free to reach us today and talk with a UTS representative.

Download Brochure Download Brochure
Take a look at our company brochure for further details on current employee availability, client projects, etc.  We make every effort to keep this "live" document up to date.