IT Solutions

IP Telephony
Internet Protocol Telephony is a technology that uses the IP's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network.  By having and leveraging just one network infrastructure, an IP solution can strengthen your company's competitiveness and yield a measurable return on investment.

IP Video Surveillance
We utilize the very latest hardware and software to provide scalable and reliable monitoring solutions.  Regardless of how sophisticated your current IP network is, UTS can integrate any new equipment seamlessly.  Whether your need is for high performance video capture, processing, streaming, storage and retrieval, our goal is to create a custom surveillance system that will bring your company peace of mind.  And if needed, we can provide you with Anti-Virus Software, VPN/Firewalls and Security Services.

Wireless technology is rapidly evolving and is playing an increasing role in the lives of people throughout the world.  Irrespective of environment or mobile location, we provide high-speed, secure wireless technology that enables users to be constantly connected--even as they move between wireless cells.  Some technology examples include PANs (personal area network) and Wireless LANs.

One of the key factors of any system is the customer's interaction with the equipment.  At UTS, we assemble the wiring complexities and equipment necessary for all your networking needs, be it switches, routers or firewalls, with a user-friendly GUI for easy maintainability.  We first work out the kinks in our labs before it reaches your infrastructure.  Utilizing skills and software tools developed over the years, UTS ensures that your network operates as designed.   Some Infrastructure examples we deploy are KVM, UPS, QOS, Cabling, Collocation Services and Content Switches.  In a similar vein, we are also involved in specialty areas, such as, Network/Application Performance Management, Network Monitoring and Analysis and Asset Management/Software Distribution.

Business Applications
Applications are at the heart of your business operations. You share information and communicate with employees, customers and partners every day. And you need to access, manage, and filter data to make quick, effective business decisions and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  If you have a need, we have staff with experience in the following business tools: E-mail, Messaging, Groupware, Application Servers, Development tools, Web servers, CRM, Content Management, Help Desk/Training and Business Process Management.

Digital Convergence
Convergence means less cost--not less performance. Inform those with the purse that the cost of convergence will be covered by the savings realized by the "all for one" networks. Voice related packets won't suffer over IP networks with sufficient bandwidth and/or QoS (quality of service) strategies. And as an added savings, your company will benefit from reduced telecommunication costs.  Some examples that we employ are: Voice over IP, Videoconferencing, Streaming Media Technology and Unified Messaging.

Storage and Server Technology
If the daily business operations of your company are dependent on uninterrupted operations of your computers, phone systems or data, you must have that critical information backed up and easily restorable, in case of an emergency.  At UTS, we are also in the business of hardware technology, such as, Backup Solutions, SAN/NAS, PCs/Workstations/Laptops, Servers, Server-based Operating Systems and Storage Hardware.