Project Lifecycle

Stage 1 - Assessment
Successful projects begin with proper planning.  Here, our team of specialists collaborates with your team to identify your particular needs.  Some activities in this stage include defining a project vision, setting targets for project scope and managing risks.

Stage 2 - Engineering
Once we have identified your needs with the help of independent consultants, we start designing them with CAD diagrams and documentation.  This stage helps uncover what is feasible and more importantly what is not.  In addition, we also flesh out the architecture and cost efficiencies--revising the design until we meet your needs.  As a company, we believe in the quote, "The smart money is on too much design formality rather than too little."

Stage 3 - Implementation
At this juncture, the concept collectively designed by your team and ours is materialized by installing the solution.  Here, we fully test the components with our state-of-the-art equipment, performing all levels of system proof-of-performance measurements. Thereafter, we follow up with quality assurance.  We strictly adhere and conform to the methods and guidelines of the industry.

Stage 4 - Training
Once the project has been completed and deployed, our team imparts all the necessary knowledge and documentation to properly train your team.  At this stage, our goal is building your confidence toward complete, "feel-good" ownership.

Stage 5 - Maintenance
From concept to completion, we maintain a communication link, assuring project success.  If needed, our team is available for any additional support--which is part of our company's guarantee.