Our Service Offering
  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance agreements to protect your investment
  • On-going training and software updates
  • Our technical service department provides a variety of value-added and stand-alone services to ensure the products and systems purchased through UTS are properly maintained. These services include but are not limited to:
•  Review of Preventative Maintenance questionnaire
•  Confirm proper system and equipment performance
•  Clean Interior/Exterior of all equipment
•  Re-converge, test and adjust all video projectors covered under this agreement
•  Inspect and Clean of all Edge connectors, Backplanes and Connectors
•  Inspect and repair of all buttons and knobs
•  Check and adjust all voltages - Editors, Amps, Mixers, Equalizers, and Power Supplies
•  Determine on-line diagnostics and errors
•  Total walk-through and adjustment of Audio System
•  Provide Latest Copy of Code, Configuration and Data Base
•  Evaluate and Test Video Monitors.

Reducing your Stress
Staying a step ahead means offering our clients cutting-edge technology, responding with urgency and providing a consistent, reliable forward-thinking approach.

Improving your Expectation
UTS is here to help our customers handle their evolving needs.